Hot Waxis Carauba/Polymer blend that gives you a  hand wax 

like shine that last up to 30 days. 

Durashield Plus is a single step car protectant that bonds to the vehicles surface. It is based on polymer chemistry that imparts a 5 polymer count coat to the entire vehicle with no window streaking.  Protects the surface of the vehicle from harmful UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain and hard water spots while delivering a shiny, durable surface. 

Full Service Washincludes carpets vacuumed, windows washed inside and out, door jambs wiped, dash and console dusted and exterior towel dried.

Triple Coat Conditioner is a specially formulated tri color foam used to improve rinsing, drying and the shine of your vehicle.

Clear Coat Sealant deposits a layer of protection to protect clear coat finishes from environmental damage.

On-line Wheel Cleaning utilizes a concentrated liquid presoak designed to loosen soil and brake dust from wheels.

Rim Shine is a chemical application that helps resists the accumulation of brake dust.

Under-Carriage Flush and Rust Inhibitor is applied clean and it attaches itself to rust to prevent it from advancing.

Tire dressing is a rubber protectant that is applied to the tire that leaves the tire both clean and shiny.


​​DURASHIELD PLUS                      $59.99

Full Service Wash

Hot Wax Shine

Premier Protection 

Tires & Wheels

Door Jam's Dried 

Window's IN/OUT

Buy One & Get a Second One FREE 

Good On Any Vehicle.
Good for 10 Days From The Date of Purchase.

on any vehicle.

HOT WAX                                      $42.99

Incredible Results! Hand Wax-like Quality!

Premier Protection Wash


PREMIER PROTECTION               $29.99

Full Service Wash In and Out

Triple Coat Conditioner

Clear Coat Sealant 

On-Line Wheel Cleaning

Rim Shine

Under-Carriage Flush and Rust Inhibitor

Tires Dressed

Choice of Air Freshener

FULL SERVICE                              $23.99

Exterior wash


Window's IN/OUT

Dash & Console DUSTED down (light)

EXTERIOR WASH                          $12.99

Exterior  Towel Dried

Door Jam's dried

Wheels Dried


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